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Hailey Clason’s in some Bullshit Lingerie of the Day

At the time of posting this video, it had all of 213 views, after being on the YAMAMAY channel for 3 fucking days, and you know, or I know, that Hailey Clauson, the hipster model who once sued Urban Outfitters for producing kiddie porn, because they used her, while her dad was on set, in sleazy photos….for marketing bullshit mainstream cheesy hipster shit…that doesn’t matter…and shit settled…setting her up for life…allowing her to come back to the industry as an adult as a bikini model, half naked model, worth jerking off to model…and here she is in some failed lingerie campaign…

I’m like a charity giving them some clicks….for free…nice guy…considering no one does shit for me for free..

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