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Katrina Bowden Bikini Butt Shot of the Day

Katrina Bowden Bikini Butt Shot

Katrina Bowden was some whore from American Pie Episode 40, let’s milk this brand as fucking hard as we can because that’s what you do when you’re hollywood and find something that worked in the 90s and actors that haven’t worked since the 90s who are into making another million to help them ride the next decade

It amazes me how Hollywood is fucking scrambling, their ideas pure shit, their celebs pure shit, but at least the girls are low level, or egotistical enough to keep bringing the sleazy half nakedness…

She wants you to look at her butt…so look at her butt…

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  • Load of Truth

    Oh boy, she is not aging well.

    There’s something sad about walking around your driveway or whatever alley that is, flashing your ass for no reason for some homemade photos.

  • Mary Donna Olade

    nice ass