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Iggy Azalea’s Jacked up Ass and Face Celebrate her Mom of the Day

I know that no one gives a fuck about Iggy Azalea, or her bullshit story about being a teen runaway in Miami who ended up stripping, but I guess people like to believe it, and when looking at pics of her mom, I kind of believe that the mom was the one pimping out the daughter, they just have that trashy look, and I guess it worked, because look at them now….two clowns…one with a ridiculous clown ass, who clearly has Body Dysmorphia and feels the need to keep Black guys interested in her the fatter the ass she manages to get….and the one who created such a mess of a human…

The good news is that I don’t know any of her songs, and that she’ll likely fade away, probably not back into sex work, because she had a minute of success, record deals and making money….but getting knocked up by rich black guys…which I guess is kind of sex work…who knows…OR CARES!

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