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Josephine Skriver’s Ass in a Thong of the Day

Josephine Skriver thong Shot for VS

Josephine Skriver is a robot, or a humanoid, or an AI, which is nice because the future of women is going to be something we can program into doing what we want, without all the bullshit, like periods, pregnancy, complaining, and spending all our damn money…and whatever else you hate about women….like them not wanting to fuck you, while your humanoid won’t ever say no….

She was made in a lab with Human DNA, her dad a homo, and her mom a lesbian, so they knew how to choose selective DNA programming to make a hot a sfuck bitch, so she’s really fucking realistic.Designer DNA programming, the future of human, choose height, weight and everything else…is what all parents should do…

She’s probably the hottest VS has to offer, they probably funded the experiment that created her, not that I care about VS or their human sex trafficking….but I do see hot when hot is presented to me..

The best story about her is that when she came to NYC she was an actual virgin…..making her even hotter…look at those ass muscles..girl squats.

I guess what I am saying is more women should look like this and they will….

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