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Josephine Skriver Slutty For Madame Figaro of the Day

Josephine Skriver Slutty For Madame Figaro

Josephine Skriver is probably one of the hottest models out there – thanks to the people at Victoria’s Secret and their funding of her father’s lab that created this genetically modified designer human…

This is a racy shoot, that in case you didn’t know is featuring a girl who was created in a lab by her homosexual biologist father with his lesbian friend’s egg, because those LGBQT types are heathens who don’t respect GOD or the CHURCH…because of Science and I guess because the Church doesn’t support them, or may support them now, but didn’t back when they were working on creating the perfect human…so that anyone who was pregnant and had the money, could go out and get an abortion so that they can go back to the drawing board…to make a better version of their spawn…and SKRIVER is the floor model…

Point being, she’s in a magazine, tits out….looking good, but probably not as good as when her boyfriend took her virginity when she moved to NYC….which is a true story you know.

Josephine Skriver Slutty For Madame Figaro

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Genetically Modified Josephine Skriver Bikini of the Day

Josephine Skriver is genetically modified.

She was created in a lab by her homosexual biologist father with his lesbian friend’s egg, because those LGBQT types are heathens who don’t respect the lord and savior Jesus Christ, and are the same kinds of people who support abortions, you know BAD BAD people…who take the lord’s work into their hands and MAKE BABIES in the lab funded by Victoria’s Secret in an attempt to get designer pussy, without having to dig through all the trash out there, while just placing an order, like when the billionaire owner buys a new JET.

Point being, she’ll likely die of weird genetic diseases thanks to modern science and their hate for GOD…but in the meantime, she’s hot.

For the record, I think abortions are great. I also think genetically modifying women to be hotter and better sex objects is great. Especially in this era of everyone being fat fucks.

Some more slutty selfies…

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Josephine Skriver Ass of the Day

Josephine Skriver is the real life West World, this is not an ad from the people at HBO, who don’t pay me shit to promote their nude scenes from their shows, because they are assholes and don’t support the independent pervert..

I didn’t watch West World when it first happened, but I know the story, rich dudes create a world where AI pussy roam freely, for other rich people to pay to fuck and kill them…

Well, this Josephine Skriver, is the real life version of that, her dad the Anthony Hopkins evil genius, her financier Victoria’s Secret the Ed Harris character…while she is the Evan Rachel Woods post being fucked by Marilyn Manson…or maybe Thandie Newton…

POINT BEING….we’re not sure she’s real, she was made in a lab, I assume human…just designer genetic engineering….who was programmed to know the importance of slutty selfies.

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Josephine Skriver Posts Her Bare Ass on Instagram of the Day

Josephine Skriver Posts Her Bare Ass on Instagram

I find it interesting that a model who likely has a million dollar contract with the evil panty empire brand…is posting up shameless pictures of her ass in a bubble bath…like some kind of softcore porn or attention seeking instagram…

Posting your naked ass can be positioned as art if you want it to be, but it’s clearly attention seeking exhibitionism, maybe even some showing off like “I look hot, my ass looks hot”….

I guess this is how these people market themselves, she is an underwear model, but don’t try and play empowered, because this isn’t an empowering moment.

For those of you who don’t know, Skriver was created in a lab by a homo using a dyke egg probably funded from VS, so she may not know better….why they hell are you posting bare ass pics…

For those of you who don’t care that you are looking at a shameless attention seeker, trying to boost numbers like a low level basic thot…and just appreciate her bare ass…here you go..

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Josephine Skriver in Underwear Like Virgins Do of the Day

Josephine Skriver in Underwear

Josephine Skriver posted some panty selfie, because I guess her team at Victoria’s Secret marketing who are puppet mastering her, give her explicit instructions on how to explicitly post pics of herself in explicit positions, like some kind of shameless instagram model, on with a contract worth a Million dollars a year, so not like those shameless instagram models at all, but rather someone just doing her contractually obligated social media work to get that Million dollars a year….it’s all stats…people love slutty mirror selfies…they make the voyeurism feel more authentic than some fabricated, produced shoot, even if it’s all produced…it is about the numbers…

That said…..Josephine Skriver was made in a test tube with Gay Biologist Sperm and a Lesbian’s egg, in what they pretend is them wanting a kid, but in what I think was a funded experiment in genetic modification funded by the Victoria’s Secret brand…

More interestingly, she apparently came to NYC a virgin, an her current boyfriend, who has dated models before popping her…and that in and of itself is the best Josephine Skriver fact ever.



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Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes Naked of the Day

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes Naked Booty

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes are a couple of Victoria’s Secret models being TOTALLY inappropriate for the MALL brand that targets young women….

This is basically SOFTCORE PORN…terrible softcore porn BUT SOFTCORE porn nonetheless…..

Luckily it gives these young girls who follow these models an unrealistic body image issues that are actually realistic if they eat well, and workout and stop being lazy…..which is better for them than follow the fat models…who are disgusting.

I’d rather them follow the genetically modified model made in a test tube by a weirdo biologist….and the token black model…than the fat models…who are disgusting…

Good job girls.

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Josephine Skriver’s Ass in a Thong of the Day

Josephine Skriver thong Shot for VS

Josephine Skriver is a robot, or a humanoid, or an AI, which is nice because the future of women is going to be something we can program into doing what we want, without all the bullshit, like periods, pregnancy, complaining, and spending all our damn money…and whatever else you hate about women….like them not wanting to fuck you, while your humanoid won’t ever say no….

She was made in a lab with Human DNA, her dad a homo, and her mom a lesbian, so they knew how to choose selective DNA programming to make a hot a sfuck bitch, so she’s really fucking realistic.Designer DNA programming, the future of human, choose height, weight and everything else…is what all parents should do…

She’s probably the hottest VS has to offer, they probably funded the experiment that created her, not that I care about VS or their human sex trafficking….but I do see hot when hot is presented to me..

The best story about her is that when she came to NYC she was an actual virgin…..making her even hotter…look at those ass muscles..girl squats.

I guess what I am saying is more women should look like this and they will….

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