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Josephine Skriver Butt Shot of the Day

Josephine Skriver Butt Shot

Josephine Skriver is the first model to openly admit she was created in a lab and that she is a reptilian humanoid, designed from designer DNA and tweaking that worked…most of these reptilians don’t admit that they are reptilians and just work their way through the media and entertainment industry cashing in and manipulating their way to the top in unexplained ways…while this one is like “Victoria’s Secret hired my dad to make me and look at my ass now, it’s perfect, that’s great DNA”…

I’m just wondering when the science behind it collapses and she ends up with weird genetic disorders…it’ll happen..that’s what happens when you play god…but at least we’ll have her legacy of model butt shots…

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Josepehine Skriver for H&M of the DAy


Josepehine Skriver is a science experiment gone right. Her gay father who is also a marine biologist made her using some lesbian’s egg and his sperm in what I assume was his aquarium lab…up on some genetic freak research…and she’s currently making moves in the fashion industry…like the freak at the freakshow she is…at least to God fearing religious weirdos who don’t believe in science…

That said, like all novelties, whether it is King Kong, or whatever, rich people want to adopt it as their own, and bring it out to their parties, which has worked out well for this one…as the Jenner girls and I assume Taylor Swift…have BFFed her…

The world is a weird place…but Josepehine Skriver …is amazing….even if she makes me want to do weird things..to her naughty place….

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