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Josephine Skriver Bikini Dreams of the Day

Josephine Skriver….

Who reminds us that you don’t need traditional sex to make babies….you can do it in a test tube and choose all of its features. From gender, to air color, to tit size…which is a lot of fun if you’re a deadbeat dad, because you can make some fucking ugly little troll of a human who is genetically predisposed to all kinds of diseases and obesity, who will only be 3.5 feet tall, with the biggest set of tits…and RED HAIR…you know if you have a sense of humor about things.

Skriver’s dad decided to go model route, where she has managed to see success with the mall brand I think funded him.

Skriver, who is on vacation being slutty with her boyfriend who I think stole her virginity…when she came to america to fulfill her duties to the team that made her…

What it comes down to is if you’re a pro lifer, you by default can’t acknowledge this created by sin creature…cuz she is the opposite of an abortion….a person who doesn’t want to have a kid eliminating her kid, is the same as a person who can’t have kids, injecting themselves with kids…like Skriver’s pervert homosexual dad….

Point being, she looks good half naked.

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