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Jessica Alba in Good Housekeeping of the Day

Jessica Alba in a Blazer in Good Housekeeping Magazine

What a fucking joke, as if Jessica Alba has ever done housekeeping in her life, she’s got Mexicans for that – even though she’s a fucking Mexican, but not the kind of Mexican who thinks she’s a Mexican, unless it comes to selling bullshit overpriced products to Mexicans, or to play one in a movie…she’s bullshit.

But sure Alba, we believe you to be the Good Housekeeper, because you’re trying to pander to moms…and most importantly…she’s a fucking whore known for being a whore…who fucks dudes behind her husbands back and in front of it – what’s this polarizing herself as a wholesome bitch who has a chef and cleaner…and a dick in all her holes.

Do people actually buy into this dog shit lie…

I think they do.

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