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Christina Aguilera Nipple Pasty for Christmas of the Day

Christina Aguilera has been slutty since the day she was legally allowed to be slutty, maybe right after breaking free from her parent’s control as a child performer, she came out with that DIRTY album, video rolling around in mud, got the fake tits on her small frame, and overall looked pretty fucking wonderful because it was a simpler time – where we could get excited by a girl in full bottom bathing suit and chaps….now it takes so much more…and I guess X-Tina – while pushing 40…and being a mom of at least one…is bringing it back or trying to bring it back….by intentionally posting up her nipple pastie…because she wants you to see that tit.

Exhibitionism, ego, a fear of getting older and not being hot anymore…after years of being really fat…all contributed to this beautiful ART..that I feel my soul needs on this Christmas time of year.

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