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Demi Lovato Erotica of the Day

Demi Lovato took a bikini selfie, because Demi Lovato is no longer a fat sloppy chick celebrating equality and inclusiveness, and protesting body shaming…she’s taken the vapid Kardashian route of trying to look as plastic and slutty as possible….it makes you more money and gets you more positive feedback from dudes in an time when you’re recently single…that whole fat chick in no make-up thing…sloppily dancing on stage for her fans who connected to her thanks to her fans being fat slobs too..

I always wondered about her fan base, because I had never met a Demi Lovato fan in my life, yet I knew she existed..but then I took an UBER and the woman driver, who was likely 300 lbs was super pumped because a new Demi Lovato song dropped that day….girl in all her weird social awkwardness…pretty much these disney obesessed weirdos you seen in Florida with Mickey Mouse dolls on their dashboard….who moved to Florida to be closer to Disney…because it’s just them and their cats….what the fuck else are they to do….wait out winter too? That’s crazy talk.

Here are more slutty pics of the fat chick turned clickbait chick…who’s always been bullshit chick.

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