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Lindsay Lohan WAS BITTEN BY A SNAKE in a Bikini and Survived of the Day

Lindsay Lohan Bitten By  A SNake and Survived in her Bikini


Lindsay Lohan is in Phuket in Thailand, which is where she goes to unwind, you know because she’s so stressed being an emotionally unstable child star who has denounced her American citizenship and sold herself to rich arab men, that have contributed to her weird new accent…

While on a hike, she got bit by a snake, which in and of itself is gnarly as fuck, terrifying really, the most deadly snakes are in Thailand…and girl survived, I assume due to being so medicated and her ability to metabolize drugs, the venom just made her feel a little light headed and now it’s her new drug of choice….while most people would have died…

The reality is..Lohan can’t die….she lives forever….and is in a bikini…HOT….all mangled and shit.

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  • Clark Bucher

    Unfortunately for the snake it bit something far more poisonous and without a known antidote..

  • Pat Patrix

    It’s so weird how everyone ignores that she’s a prostitute.

  • Mihaela Radu

    Like shes the only one, u know….

  • Gildorg

    Yeah, she needs to go away now.

  • me

    Lindsay Lohan WAS BITTEN BY A SNAKE in a Bikini and Survived. I’m just curious as to how a snake could wear a bikini.

  • John Deakin

    That’s a bit harsh. She’s no more one than any other aspiring Hollywood wannabe, yet you chose to label her alone…? Grow up & get some sex, cause your virginity is making you say silly things…..

  • Pat Patrix

    Go be retarded elsewhere you creepy thirsty ass bitch. Fucking weirdo, probably the same kind of pervert that DM’s women “ey BB u want lik sex big fuk?”. Fuck off cunt.

  • John Deakin

    you’re what polite people call a serial troll and keyboard warrior; safe in the comfort of your anonymity from any kind of payback. but those of us less polite would just call you a sad twat with no life outside of your power crazy trolling buffoonery! get a life,

  • Pat Patrix

    You’re what’s called a weird creepy online loser. You have issues, go take your meds and leave us normal people alone.