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Lady Gaga Got that Thong On of the Day

Lady Gaga topless in a thong

I wonder who told Lady Gaga that because she’s able to sing, and manipulate the human race with her song, like some kind of computer program that knows exactly what rhythms or sequences of sounds the brain responds to, because I have never actively listened to a lady gaga song but could probably sing ever single one of her songs – which in and of itself is terrifying…I was watching some bullshit gameshow the other day and the question was to name Taylor Swift songs, I couldn’t do it, but if that was Lady Gaga – I’d be the fucking winner….which is clearly some kind of sorcery, that makes sense, because when you look at her mangled face, it’s obvious she’s a fucking witch but that said….I have no idea why she thinks she should be sexual object, in her sexually liberated, sexual exhibitionist, bullshit…busting out her thong bikini and showing her ass, which I would say is her best feature, an ass I’ve personally grabbed in an era before the Weinsteins and the grabbing a girl’s ass when uninvited was ok…she didn’t even feel my aggressive grabs and the security didn’t notice…because it was minutes before Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am had a fist fight…weird times…but her ass was good then…10 fucking years ago…and she’s still promoting it now…but in no way is Lady Gaga something to ever jerk off to unless you’re weird…she’s an ugly woman, with shameless and stupid tactics that got her seen, noticed, rich…when bitch should just focus on her damn brainwashing songs…

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