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Demi Lovato Bathing Suit of the Day

Demi Lovato stripped swimsuit

Demi Lovato is Bikini Selfie-ing….or bikini posting….

Demi Lovato sexualizing herself with her tits and her face injections…creeps me out…but I guess people who are obsessed with Disney, because she was a Disney Kid, and because we know there are people obsessed with Disney, unable to get over it, because they had some childhood trauma and Disney feels like home…

Her thickness doesn’t offend me…her showing off her thickness doesn’t offend me but I don’t like inconsistent liars….who try to spin things to her advantage and benefit and the people brainwashed by her just lap it up like puppies….one day she’s fat and not in make up celebrating being fat, the next she’s trying to be a hot instagram thot half naked on her instagram… I like consistent sluttiness…but I appreciate that at least she’s been working out to get to this bikini selfie pic we all love proven by the success of instagram.

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