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Lady Gaga Butt Shot of the Day

Lady Gaga's ass in a white thong in Costa Rica

I find the Lady Gaga Butt Shots to be Extremely fucking disturbing…and I am saying that as someone who grabbed her ass unsolicited because she didn’t notice and either did her security back in an era where that wasn’t seen as being a predator but rather just a guy having a drunken good time at a club with a girl wearing fishnets hiding behind a group of people…but not well enough for me to find it….

At the time, her ass was firm and I was actually sold on it, I was like Damn this girl’s got a future if she only focuses on her ass..which I guess she’d doing a decade too late – but still doing it – and for that we can celebrate her the way we are supposed to celebrate her and her brainwashing – I like to think her million of dollars she probably doesn’t deserve because she’s terrifying looking, is enough celebration for her – especially the money she stole from her charity..hilarious.

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