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Sara Sampaio in a Bikini of the Day

Sara Sampaio White Bikini

Sara Sampaio the Feminist activist who most recently used her hot Victoria’s Secret status to recruit a billionaire boyfriend to take her to all these great places, despite having money of her own as a Victoria’s Secret, assuming she’s one who still gets paid, and not one who does it for the fame they can sell off to other brands – thanks to that audience, it’s every vapid girl with no real ambition’s dream..

Just live the life of luxury, on vacation, all cuz some brand cast you and thinks you’re hot, even when you’re not that hot….

Promo Model dreams….

I heard her do a talk a while ago, not because I am into models talking, they are better in picture and them thinking people want to hear them talk is just nuts, and she went on about how she posts slutty pics to social media for the likes because likes get her paid and I thought…she can’t be that bad…you know openly telling the world she’s trying to clickbait as hard as she can as provocatively as she can like some kind of bikini wearing porno…

So weird…especially when looking at the clickbait she produced, it’s not as racy as it should be.

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