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Ireland Baldwin’s Bikini Monster of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is Massive in her Bikini

Always remember that Ireland Baldwin was called a pig by her father and that set the foundation of her being…

I am sure he tried to cover it up, buy her love back, invest in her, but publicly, it happened, and she knows it did, and it’s deep within her core and she’ll dwell on it, she’ll never get over it, and she’s a fucking mess because of it and I’m sure other things…like being a spoiled brat, a shadow in her parent’s image, rich as fuck….well taken care of…but never going to be the star she wants to be…and even when she had a minute of almost having it, it was robbed of her by her cousin, people stopped caring about this one….and she was forced to go dark, lesbian and to rehab….

BUT LOOK AT HER NOW…in a bikini…hot.

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