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Lactacting TWITCH Girl of the Day

I don’t know anything about this video, other than that it’s going viral and is most importantly a magical specimen in how to properly lure in fans using the nerd platform TWITCH…instead of streaming videogames, bodypaint you lactating tits, so that they explode all over the place for the social awkward gamer nerds to jerk the fuck off as hard as they can to the bitch….

I figure it’s some Olivia Munn shit, find the place where the most pathetic dudes who can’t get laid are hanging, show them your tits disguised as a cosplay masturbation fodder and hope you don’t lactate knowing nerds get personally offended when the hot chick they’ve imagined marrying, gets knocked up by another guy…..but if you do lactate…own it…run with it…hope to get famous with it…

I am a fan of this TWITCH.

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