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Demi Lovato’s Looking Hot of the Day

Demi Lovato Booty in the Air in her swimsuit

I guess the life lesson is that when you boyfriend dumps your fat, obnoxious, famous and rich ass, after years of being a fucking troll…hit the gym, the surgeon, the botox clinic, the photoshop masters, whoever the fuck you can, and figure out the slutty poses girls are doing, because Demi Lovato…is looking hot…

I still don’t really know much about her, but she pops up all the time over the years and is always pretty shitty looking, but when girl poses like this, ass in the air…I start to care…good hustle girl….I like this marketing, clickbait, instagram influencer attitude.

The more uptight people get about sex assault, rape, the patriarchy, men running business, the sluttier the posing gets…it’s a fucking win.

The most interesting story about her I’ve heard is that her and Miley filmed an underage sex tape in Nashville..lesbians in cowboy boots…it may exist……who knows…who cares…she’s only looking good now…forget the Demi of the past…it’s about the Demi right now.

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