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Lily Rose Depp The Topless Shoot of the Day

Lily Rose Depp poses topless in jean shorts

Lily Rose Depp is a bit of a “hipster” if that term even exists anymore, I mean everyone is doing the whole half naked, act like an artist, wear vintage clothes, mixed with designer clothes, look like you smoke cigarettes at coffee shops drinking pretentious cocktails, in trying to find your place and purpose….

And I am a fan of all she does…

Likely, a terrible spoiled brat, likely this independent weirdo thanks to her parents encouraging her to follow her dreams, because they were too busy getting drunk and beating up Amber Heard for being a cunt…making her neglected, but connected, appreciated by the masses because of her last name…and for whatever reason, a reason I call, she’s got a good look…I am a fan.

This is her topless shoot for no reason, I like the tear…nice reference to Cry Baby, or showcase of her inner torment and ability to cry on demand to get what she wants like most spoiled girls…

I am sure there will be more..

This is what the identity crisis entitled girl had to say…I didn’t read it…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of intimacy. It’s an important element in my work and a feeling I often try to convey in my films and photographs. I believe intimacy is developed the same way as a relationship – through mutual trust & respect, and over time. True intimacy cannot be forced and it’s not a one way street. It is so powerful because it takes a real connection to exist, and real connections take work, patience, and love. With this in mind, my friend Lily Rose Depp and I decided to start a new series of photographs together. We shared references over the course of weeks, many of them of her mother — obviously a very personal process for Lily. We went and bought a wig inspired by a shoot her mother had done decades before, and spent a couple days hanging out and taking photos together at home. It was just the two of us and our friend Walker, no crew whatsoever. The images of her in bed and crying especially move me because they are so honest. This experience was so inspiring because it reminded me how rewarding it is to collaborate with friends, and how meaningful it is to create authentic trust and intimacy.

Here are some pics of her and her friends on vacation at the Dad’s private Island in Exuma Bahamas..

She’s good.

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