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Demi Lovato Erotica of the Day

Demi Lovato Asss in black leggings

Demi Lovato has partnered up with Kate Hudson to promote slutty fitness gear to the world, because non slutty fitness gear doesn’t allow the world or women to feel at their best amongst each other and the men at the gym…you know if you can’t look and feel sexy, is it even worth doing fitness…who knows….

But I guess the life lesson in these pics is that all women want to look hot, be hot or feel hot, because Demi Lovato pretended to be confortable when she was fat and sloppy in a relationship, but the second her boyfriend dumped her fat, obnoxious, famous and rich ass, after years of being a fucking dumpy troll…justifying her troll look…she hit the gym, the surgeon, the botox clinic, the photoshop whoever the fuck you could…

And now she looks hot…

It’s very confusing.

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