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Vanessa Morgan is Hot of the Day

Vanessa Morgan Tits out

Vanessa Morgan is some hometown hotty…who is not really famous, but she’s on Riverdale because I guess they need to hire a handful of Canadian actors to get the tax credit to justify shooting in Vancouver.

If you read the site you’ll know that Riverdale is starting to make some noise, despite being a pretty shitty over written pile of shit of a show, with the weirdest spin of the Archie Comics ever, making it all dark and weird, and not in a good way, but in a lame way pretending to be good way, it’s even shot with some instagram filter making it dark and spooky as they do…and the whole thing does well because they post it weekly on netflix and the general public don’t like leaving the house, but instead watch anything that comes on netflix, it’s their business model and why they are a 100 billion dollar company…

POINT BEING, as being a fringe character she gets less love than the Betty and Veronicas, who are CLEARLY not the hot ones on the show, they just happen to have the title part and the company is marketing them as being hot, and people believe because people are dumb…

So this is me giving some LOCAL talent some love…it’s an Olympic year, go Canada…you got this….see you at the IGLOO later for some maple syrup girl, we’ll ride our moose into the sunset…..

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