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Vanessa Paradis in Elle Russia of the Day

Vanessa Paradis brought her signature receding gums she may need to get grafted out to some photoshoot to remind us all of what Johnny Depp left to marry that black widow – man eating – Amber Heard. Dumb play dude but I guess he’s figured that one out by now.

The mother of his kids, including that young slutty Lily Rose Depp showed off how her daughter scored that Chanel Campaign. They are famous in France, it only makes sense, plus bitch is decked out in it. Family discount, or maybe family gets free shit from the brand, so when they asked to give Lily Rose some modelling work it was a no brainer since they are all homies.

Either way – HOT MOM check.

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Vanessa Morgan Bikini of the Day

Vanessa Morgan Bikini

VANESSA MORGAN is some fat fuck from Canada on Riverdale cuz it is shot in Canada and thus probably got the producers tax credit that Canadian tax payers funded so that we basically own this bitch….is engaged to an MLB player and she’s in a bikini…

The story behind this is comparing her paparazzi pics to her self produced photoshopped pics for social media…

Vanessa Morgan Bikini

Because entitled young people don’t even need fitness or diet to look good, they can just fake that shit…

It’d be nice to get every influencer in a room to pose next to their most liked and followed pics….in the same outfit for all to see reality versus their bullshit lie / fantasy. I don’t even think a stunt like that would change the public opinion, since EVERYONE is doing it, like women totally forgiving about other women faking it, pretending it is empowered…so all these average at best girls are getting seen, noticed, followed by pervert dudes…and thy aren’t nearly as great as they pretend to be..

So it’s OK for them to lie about their look, in their half naked posts, and it is okay for them to lie to themselves about their genders and all the other issues of the time, but it’s not ok to make fun of these liars…instead they call as misogynists or woman haters…

The problem with empowerment is that for every group you empower you are disempowering another group…take fat chicks for example…all wearing lingerie made for fatties and bikinis for fatties…like they can because I guess they can…all screaming about body positivity and empowerment and the media is embracing and loving the positive vibes of a fat girl wanting to be treated like a hot chick on social media in terms of attention and jobs…empowered to take a stand, or a sit if standing hurts the joints too much, by stripping down and trying to sell the idea that a belly hanging over a xxxxl thong is hot…I mean people have bought into stranger things before and as we know everything comes down to a good sales pitch…however all this empowering fat chicks, comes with a disempowerment of people who rightfully find fat chicks disgusting lazy pics who don’t take their health seriously and who have no self control or discipline and eat everything they can cuz it tastes so good…practicing no restraint because they are millennials all victims and restraint is a construct of the patriarchy in their retard minds. What I am saying is empowering one thing disempowers the other thing and one could argue, and I am, that I have the equal right to hate fat chicks and laugh at them for their fat girl in a thong comedy act…as they do to produce that fat girl in a thong while pretending it is empowerment when it’s really just attention seeking. Losers.


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Vanessa Morgan Titties of the Day

Vanessa Morgan Big Tits in Red Swimsuit

Vanessa Morgan is the Canadian on Riverdale, because it is produced in Vancouver and by law or to get all their tax credits they need to have Canadian crew and some Canadian actors, it’s how Canada basically takes it up the ass by America to get some money and an industry in Canada…where everything is 20 percent cheaper…

Well, it works out for some people, like the actors who would NEVER make it in the USA if they just went to the USA to audition, they would never cut through all the American stage parents whoring out their kids, while in Canada, there’s less competition, especially for black people, look at Drake…so you get cast on a big USA show, like Riverdale…and all of a sudden you matter to the fucking world…even though Riverdale is shit…

So this girl, if you haven’t seen the show like the pervert you are, is the lesbian who bangs Cheryl Blossom….the edgy Serpent who banged Jughead..I guess just out there living her best black girl in Riverdale life…fucking all the white people…

The point is that even with inclusion, TV is racist…the other point is that even with a shitty TV show…horribly written garbage…people watch…including me…and I don’t even find any of the cast hot..

But I don’t mind their titties on Social media.

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Vanessa Morgan is Hot of the Day

Vanessa Morgan Tits out

Vanessa Morgan is some hometown hotty…who is not really famous, but she’s on Riverdale because I guess they need to hire a handful of Canadian actors to get the tax credit to justify shooting in Vancouver.

If you read the site you’ll know that Riverdale is starting to make some noise, despite being a pretty shitty over written pile of shit of a show, with the weirdest spin of the Archie Comics ever, making it all dark and weird, and not in a good way, but in a lame way pretending to be good way, it’s even shot with some instagram filter making it dark and spooky as they do…and the whole thing does well because they post it weekly on netflix and the general public don’t like leaving the house, but instead watch anything that comes on netflix, it’s their business model and why they are a 100 billion dollar company…

POINT BEING, as being a fringe character she gets less love than the Betty and Veronicas, who are CLEARLY not the hot ones on the show, they just happen to have the title part and the company is marketing them as being hot, and people believe because people are dumb…

So this is me giving some LOCAL talent some love…it’s an Olympic year, go Canada…you got this….see you at the IGLOO later for some maple syrup girl, we’ll ride our moose into the sunset…..

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