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Jen Selter’s Fake Ass of the Day

Jen Selter big ass

Jen Selter is an instagram model or personality because she’s too fucking ugly to be a model….who doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of the world….but who is making money doing it because she was rocking her fake ass in the right place at the right time when Instagram first happened, when it was desperate for half naked girls, before the the whole world became an instagram model…and got a whole lot of followers at a time when it mattered and decided “Fitness” was her angle, because it would explain her monster ass, instead of it being fake.

She was kicked off a plane for being an entitled cunt on her way out of Miami…

I figure I’ll like AOL about it, they need all the help they can get…like me…but I’ll just focus on the fake ass in a bikini bottom…looking weird, not as weird as her face…as she ages..into ideally oblivion….cuz she’s not just a jacked up mangled body, but also a terrible, spoiled and entitled brat.

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