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Jordyn Jones and Jen Selter Twerk of the Day

Jordyn Jones Jen Selter Fitness Twerk 1

Jordyn Jones teamed up with fake influencer Jen Selter to twerk for Youtube because that is how clickbait fucking works…and this is some fucking clickbait..

I don’t expect any less from Jen Selter who is a fake fitness girl with a fake ass that went viral 6 years ago and has been able to build a big business around her fake fitness girl with a fake ass hustle…or really from any girl…it’s like “If I can shake my ass in video and pretend it is for fitness” sign all of us up to watch…

The fact TWERKING is still a thing, twerk fitness in local gyms like it was Jazzercise in the 90s, yes I watched that Kirsten Dunst show, or maybe I could reference something more current like CROSS FIT, where the fat asses are not attached to bull dyke looking women in flat soled shoes powerlifting their clits into dicks…

Point being…we like when girls of the internet meet up to make slutty clickbait…

Here is the video..


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Jen Selter’s Fake Ass of the Day

Jen Selter big ass

Jen Selter is an instagram model or personality because she’s too fucking ugly to be a model….who doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of the world….but who is making money doing it because she was rocking her fake ass in the right place at the right time when Instagram first happened, when it was desperate for half naked girls, before the the whole world became an instagram model…and got a whole lot of followers at a time when it mattered and decided “Fitness” was her angle, because it would explain her monster ass, instead of it being fake.

She was kicked off a plane for being an entitled cunt on her way out of Miami…

I figure I’ll like AOL about it, they need all the help they can get…like me…but I’ll just focus on the fake ass in a bikini bottom…looking weird, not as weird as her face…as she ages..into ideally oblivion….cuz she’s not just a jacked up mangled body, but also a terrible, spoiled and entitled brat.

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Jen Selter Flashes her Bare Ass Clickbait of the Day

Jen Selter takes a shit live on snapchat

Jen Selter is a very very famous fitness influencer, who is only followed by women to learn about fitness tips and different workout advice, so when she posted her bare ass, something that’s an after-thought when you think of Jen Selter, as no man on the interent is following her feed strictly to see her fit, crazy, probably fake ass…it’s only women tuning in for her helpful life advice…

We can’t reduce a self starting, hard working, internet personality who mastered the art of instagram, to just being a ridiculous ass that gets exploited as often as needed to get the numbers up…

We must look at her as a life coach, who doesn’t objectify herself or her ass, and this ass flash, a MOON if you will, is just part of her motivational tactics to women, you know like a comparing vaginas or something…

Really whether she’s an ass or not, there’s something wonderful about a woman who made money using her ass, it’s empowering, exploitative maybe, clickbait maybe, bottom feeding maybe, but if you end up on top with 10s of millions of people caring about your ass…you’ll be financially well taken care of, without the need to work at a gym training fat fucks….unless they are rich fat fucks paying up…

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Jen Selter’s LIE Does Vanity Fair of the Day

In the event you don’t know, there’s a girl named Jen Selter who has gone viral for taking these staged fitness butt selfies on instagram…

She’s got a shitty face, her butt isn’t all that good, she’s just one of those instagram people who know how to pose properly….proven by these Vanity Fair pics, where she looks below fucking average at best…and her ass, this celebrated booty…looks like shit…

Now, being the most important guy on the internet, I have scoop on this girl…

Her story is that she’s a very rich New Yorker, who’s dad hired a PR company to hustler her ass to the internet, generating huge fucking buzz, but what they didn’t tell you, since they are PR people, is that she’s had a lot of plastic surgery … and people I know who know her are convinced that these are just butt implants…and I’m not saying that to be a hater…but they seem to think she’s not into fitness, that she’s had her face re-done, badly, I mean I’d hate to see what she looked like before she had her face done…and that this hype is all a lie…

The good news is that sure she monetizes her instagram a little, but she’ll probably never really be famous, or hosting TV, or a Kardashian with a reality show, what she does requires no talent…but then again…mainstream media is starving and they’ll take anyone they think people want to watch….so who knows…maybe she’ll be the next rapper fucking, vile human being with a sex tape that I will not only watch, but promote, because that shit will make me enough money to buy the Tesla I always wanted…

All this to say, her ass isn’t even that good. You’re all crazy. I can’t believe Vanity Fair is covering this nonsense. The world is doomed.

TO see the article CLICK HERE

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Jen Selter’s Before and After Face of the Day

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