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Kendall Jenner Underboob vs Kim K’s Disgusting Nudes of the Day

Kendall Jenner shows her Underboob

Kendall Jenner has titties that she’d like you all to see the bottom of because Kendall Jenner is a Jenner and thus everything about her involves winning, performance enhancement, and mutilating her genitals due to mental disorders later in life…that everyone will pretend is a real condition and pander to it, even though it’s gender appropriation and a parody of another gender, rather than being that actual gender…offensive to anyone with a brain but these people are flip floppers in their causes to support or hate.

But I do believe if a man wants to live a life pretending to be a woman, who cares it doesn’t phase me…but I’m sure it would fuck up his kids, I knew kids when I was growing up in an era of pre gay everywhere, who had parents leave the family to be gay, and they were really mentally fucked about it, I like to think dad chopping off his dick is another level of that…at least I hope…this narcissist steps outside herself enough to actually hate herself, feel sorry for herself and maybe even remove herself from the internet she’s been using to shove herself down our throat to cash in….

It’s annoying but it’s got under tit.

Here’s her sister, mentor, leader who is just a gutter pile of shit – who still gets brand deals despite being an exhibitionist porn chick – something brands claim to hate – something instagram claims to delete – yet still pay her – and promote her porno account because they are all hypocrite idiots -.

KIM K – The old washed up – fake body – reason they all exist:

And her pussy hole…

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