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Bella Hadid Naked with Her Dog of the Day

Here’s Bella Hadid doing some weird beastiality porno with a poor little animal …who doesn’t know any better…in what I don’t really understand because I am old, disconnected and where I am from…being nude with your animal is not something you post to your feed to try to come across as cute and playful…it weird attention seeking shit…all while the girl is getting paid heavy, has celerbity, why bother continuing this shit…when you’ve already made it other than to be shameless.

The most interesting thing about this pic is that girl is only 21 and I guess that makes me a cyber bully but I think her taking offensive pics with this animal like some circus ringleader…makes her the fucking cyber bully….who should be removed from the internet for cruelty to all…from getting so much hype around her while not even being hot…it’s so weird.


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