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Madison Beer Erotica of the Day

Madison Beer Sucking a Lollypop in a Skirt

Madison Beer and her YOUTUBE money that she’s been generating for a long fucking time, even though she’s barely 18, she’s been exploiting herself to Bieber like she was Bieber thanks to her mom for a long time. Pulling the brand deals long before ever releasing a song, and now that she has finally released a song, she’s out there promoting hard, the way she should, tits out, seducing us perverts because we live in a sexualized world, everyone addicted to porn, both men and women, so if you want to get people to listen to your bullshit, play low level slut, producing low level slutty content…it’s good..

She just released her tour dates, that you should buy tickets to, I hear it’s a live sex show, and a great place to publicly masturbate.

Madison Beer Short Skirt Big Tits

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