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Elizabeth Hurley Has Gone Racy of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley topless cleavage

Woah simmer down Liz Hurley….

Someone doesn’t realize she’s 100 fucking years old…and that the 90s, when she was a hot model were 25 fucking years ago….

I blame the face injections these people are getting, so that at 100 fucking years old, they can still pull off looking like a Kardashian, so long as they don’t get fat, which these people are too fucking vain to ever do.

From mooching off tranny loving Hugh Grant to get into the movies, to a series of other rich guys, to running a bikini company that I guess she is still the body for…a body that is impressive, if you were changing diapers at the old folks home, you’d want to change this old lady diaper…cuz it is old…

Posting topless selfies….bold…but great…I support this empowerment, feminism, even if we wish it was younger and less damaged.

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