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Padma Lakshmi in a Bikini of the Day

Padma Lakshmi in a blue bikini with hard nipples

Padma Lakshmi is in a bikini with hard nipples on – because I guess she was trying to be sexy for some new billionaire she’s trying to make her daddy….with tits that billionaires have liked in the past, and that she’s hoping that new billionaires think are worth cumming to…..

You know, she plays smart and strategic in her manipulation of rich guys…and She is most famously known as being a sugar baby. Seducing old billionaires.

She’s so dark, not just in color, but in this hustle…where she pretends the baby she is carrying from one billionaire who was dying of cancer – when it actually belongs to another billionaire….only to ensure that baby – who wasn’t even that billionaire’s baby – gets the fucking billion dollar inheritance…despite already having a billion dollar inheritance from the actual biological father…when he dies…

DIRTY….Low level tricks…but brilliant if men are that fucking stupid…I mean get it girl.

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