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Sofia Richie’s SLUTTY AD the Day

Sofia Richie in panties poising slutty for UGGS paid add


We live in a really weird era, where women are crying about being objectified by the media, or by male dominated bosses, for male dominated brands…with this whole #metoo movement…

Yet the content that is being produced by these women is sluttier, more sexualized, more objectified than ever…

If this was a decade ago, no brand ever, other than a panty brand, would be promoting some slut in her panties…

But now, if a girl “objectifies” herself, which is still being objectified, she is empowered….cashing in being am exhbitionist slut.

I mean, she’s a rich kid which comes with many issues, she’s banging a Kardashian publicly, who is 30 years older than her, she’s obviously a broken rich girl…so her panty pics don’t bug me.

I just hate that everything is so fucking hypocritical…so remember a ho is a ho is a ho even if she pretends she’s not.

Sofia Richie ass in short shorts

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