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Ireland Baldwin Getting Wild on Instagram of the Day

Ireland Baldwin Naked Holding her Tit for Instagram

Simmer down Ireland Baldwin….

I wonder what kind of “self expression” involves pulling your tit out of your top for your social media feed, other than trying to clickbait, get noticed, get people to pay attention to you, like the whining spoiled kid in the corner saying “look at me”…”look at me”….

She’s not nearly as interesting as she’d want to be, so the titty exposing is really the best chance she’s got to maybe come across as interesting…when really it’s just what uninteresting people do to distract from their lack of talent.

She’s the daughter of famous people, write a fucking movie, sell it to netflix, they want girl content, girl produced, directed, written, garbage…she could easily make that happen…but instead…PULLS OUT HER TIT…

What a failure.

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