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Kelly Brook Fat in Lingerie of the Day

Kelly Brook Fat Bra and Panties

Kelly Brook must be really fucking happy that fat is in, that fat is everywhere, that fat girls are finally allowed to be fat….

Because when she was young and a money making titty model, she’d have to starve herself strategically so that she wouldn’t lose the big tits the people cared about, but would lose the gut people didn’t know she had…you know a month of starving and laxatives before a shoot…and now…at 40…she can just let it all out….and live her best life without all the bullshit…must be nice..

I guess the only fail is failure itself, she moved from the UK after her abortion to make it in movies and it never happened, so she’s just been a floating around titty model / fat girl who doesn’t work.

I met a UK rugby player long ago and he showed me a bunch of nude pics of Kelly Brook that he got because she was on the Rugby circuit being passed around…and I guess that’s partially how she made the money that allows her to live this life…you know behind every titty model is a rich guy paying her rent…

But I don’t know that for a fact, but I do know she’s a big one, and here’s some lingerie pics.

Kelly Brook getting into bed in a black bodysuit

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