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Katharine McPhee in a Bra of the Day

Katharine McPhee tits in a black bra

Katharine McPhee just got some huge news today – that Viagra reduces the development of Colon Cancer by 50 percent, while Colon cancer is one of the leading cancers killing men over 70 years old, which is the age of her boyfriend, who I assume she’s trying to keep alive until she can marry, or leverage to more success in her music career, maybe a creative collaboration on par with his other work, like “You’re the Inspiration” with Peter Cetera or all the other shit he’s done to make the billion dollars in music that he’s made…

Because she’s out celebrating with her titties out! Titties that unlike her reconstructed vaginal plasty vagina we’ve unfortunately seen in leaked nudes and that I can’t post but that I am sure you can google.

I mean…who fucking cares about Katharine McPhee…really…

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