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Katherine Heigl Bikini of the Day

Katherine Heigl, despite being past that cut off age of being allowed to wear a bikini according to decent human behavior and respect for each other….because at a certain point wearing a bikini is the equivalent of a homeless man whipping out his cock on a park bench…it’s sexual assault and as a victim of this…I’m in the mood to file a fucking report with the local authorities…knowing that no one will take it seriously, and will instead victim blame, and forget that sexual assault is a personal experience, and if I feel sexually assaulted by a bitch, then I am…which I think applies to women when it comes to men also…it’s a subjective thing..and I feel like I’ve really be abused here…

Why the fuck is Katherine Heigl posting mom in a bikini pics like it’s some kind of fetish site, which I guess it is…the ego and arrogance…..you’d think the fact that she’s a mom would curve that behavior..but now…her celebrity, her clickbait overpowers her decision making….terrible…TERRIBLE.

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