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Brazilian singer Anitta in a Bikini of the Day

Brazilian singer Anitta Big Wet Tits in Pink Bikini

Who is this Anitta ….

I’ve never heard of her, but she’s got 27 million followers, because I guess instagram is big in Brazil…and she gets over 1,000,000 likes per picture….she matters…

Those numbers is the shit that all the american girls fucking dream of…the big hit, the fame and fortune that comes with instagram, and I guess they don’t factor in getting huge in another country as a tactic, because like this Anitta, the famous Brazilian singer, they too can be big in Brazil, or Turkey, or the Philippines, or India…because the sheer volume of perverts from those countries using the platform…because eventually, you’ll become an international star and America will take you under their wing because of that fame…like you were Shakira…or Rita Ora…or Margot Robbie..


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