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Kylie Jenner’s Teen Mom Ass of the Day

Kylie Jenner Fake Ass Short Fendi Skirt Walking Stormi

Kylie Jenner and her fake mom ass is as obnoxious as you’d expect it to be, that whole point of her getting knocked up was some new storyline in their show to give them something to talk about and to find new ways to show offer her fake ass…especially on a day where the family leaked multiple stories of her pregnant monster of a sister being cheated on by her baby daddy..the day before she had her baby…to over and generate all the media attention they can to get the Kardashian name trending..

They have the power to go viral with their fake news….without much effort..and I guess this is one of their tactics…that I am only posting because I find it repulsive….

Kylie Jenner Cameltoe in Tight Brown jumpsuit

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