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Demi Lovato Bikini Booty of the Day

Demi Lovato Big Ass in tight blue thong bikini

Demi Lovato was at Coachella, because obviously she was at Coachella, she’s a Disney Kid, designed strictly for commercial purposes, much like Coachella…and it is the place to market the fuck out of anything you can…while pretending to have a great time, a spiritual time…who cares….

I don’t know any Demi Lovato songs, but apparently she’s a huge talent, a huge act, straight from the mean streets of who the fuck cares, stage parents created her and broke her, but she’s still out there getting paid…and thanks to them she can package herself as some bi polar werido to justify her bad behavior, you know Disney spinning stories to make the public relate to her for her cunt behavior…

She’s probably pushing 35, she’s a big girl, who plays a hot girl in a huge percentage of her instagram pics, at least since being dumped by Valderamma….

ALl while not being hot, but famous, and it’s easy for her to show off an ass when it’s so big…and when people everywhere are showing off their asses….they know the angles…and this one is a professional at it.

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