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Nicole Scherzinger Dark Nipples of the Day

Nicole Scherzinger Nipples in a See Through White Shirt

Nicole Scherzinger is a very fucking masculine looking woman…with a hard face, hard body, who was in some stripper act that went viral, paving the way for her to be a solo act, who pushes her sex appeal, that I am not quite sure is actually there, but that she tries to trick us into thinking is there, thanks to tucking…and slutty dancing…

We are so easily convinced that a bitch is hot…as long as she’s gyrating them hips like a whore….

Well as it turns out, she’s also got hard nipples, that may or may not have darkened thanks to the hormone therapy, or maybe due to her ethnicity, but that she wants you to see because why else would she wear a sheer shirt…because if you’re a tranny you’re proud of them tits….and want the world to see just what you’ve made..

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