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Iskra Lawrence Hard Fat Nipples in Cannes of the Day

Iskra Lawrence Hard Nipples in a Tight White Shirt in Cannes

Big tits come to those who eat a lot…..

I have this theory, that I thought was pretty much fact about this Iskra Lawrence pig…and that is that she’s pulling the same scam as Ashley Graham only far less disgusting, but still a chick who is exploiting fat, celebrating fat, because she’s basically paid to be fat…

What I heard, or the story she tells is that she was a skinny aspiring model getting no where, who was called too big, but who saw the trends and figured it all out, saw people getting famous for being fat, and said, fuck it, getting fat is easy, let’s get fat, and pretend to be body positive and that the world needs to listen to you….go viral…and brands will throw money at you….and they did.

But looking at her face, I have a hard time believing that she was every an aspiring model, or that the rejections were based on size, I think that’s just further lies to her storyline….

She’s cashing the fuck in and laughing about it because it and none of the Social Justice Warriors are calling her out for being exploitative of fat people…. the black face of fat people, the AL JOLSON of fat people….because fat people are far too lazy to complain….thanks to diabetes..holding them back…

And remember, Big tits come to those who eat a lot…..

Here she is spreading them thighs for Instagram
Iskra Lawrence Bra and Panties Spreading her Legs on a Bed

Here is a terrifying video of her shaking her ass

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