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Kristen Stewart’s See Through Skirt Of the Day

Kristen Stewart No Panties in a See Through Skirt in Cannes

Kristen Stewart may come across as a try hard lesbian…you know method acting her way through lesbianism with her lesbian lover…some Victoria’s Secret model…who for anyone who knows anything about lesbians, it’s that they don’t go for the objectified, classic “beauty”, who plays this part defined by misogynistic and patriarchal ideals, who present themselves to the world like some sort of fetish for dudes, because we all know Victoria’s Secret models are just that, they are what the execs at the massive mall brand want to define as beauty standards, tall and skinny and half naked and hot, while the rest of the world is becoming inclusive and fat….

Meaning…I don’t buy into Stella Maxwell and her opportunistic and disgusting approach to money, success, fame and feeding her insecure ego…trying to prove she’s hot or jerk off material to dudes…and I don’t buy into Kristen Stewart being a lesbian while fucking a VS model, because any chick would eat that pussy….she can get all the lesbian haircuts she wants, but I’ll only believe it when she’s dating some fat, construction boot wearing bull dyke….until then…it’s just disney level bullshit…

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