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Rita Ora Thong Bodysuit of the Day

Rita Ora Red Thong Bodysuit on Stage

Rita Ora has finally made it. Which I am sure is pretty exciting for her, but more important a lesson in perseverance for all of us. Because for the better part of the last decade she has existed. She’s had European success, she rode a cock to America, a Kardashian cock at that, to get herself known in the US market, as any famewhore would…and has since fucked famous producers, been to all the events, and really attempted to do every single fucking tactic imaginable to get famous…and now…she’s got a hit song, she’s done it…it’s happened…

She’s not quite Rihanna…she’ll never be…even though she was only signed in the first place as a replacement….but she’s RITA ORA…her own brand of whore…who has been at this FOREVER…and it’s finally happened for her.

Rita Ora Black Thong Bodysuit

Rita Ora Ass in White Shorts

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