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Elsa Hosk Bikini of the Day

Elsa Hosk Hard Nipples in a Red Bikini

Elsa Hosk is basically a sex worker…and she is in a red bikini jacked up her cooter hole.

I guess she presents herself as a promo model who has climbed through the Swedish female basketball training camps and decided to apply her sports training to nude and half nude modeling….mostly for a brand, the number one brand, in exchange for a lot of money, notoriety, celebrity, exposure, followers, because that mall brand puts money into their stable of sex workers and makes them exist…makes them famous…and allows them to be more than just whores to the world…so their bikini up their ass for the paparazzi can be seen as wholesome….innocent…not strategic…all hot…all the time…

She is almost 30 – soon to be expired so drink up.

Elsa Hosk Ass in a red Thong Bikini

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