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Hailey Baldwin Posing Slutty for Christ of the Day

Hailey Baldwin is some bullshit new age Christian, who hangs with some scamming preacher, who I guess offers her and her other trendy idiots some level of spirituality in what is otherwise an empty existence…but that with spirituatality and religion, especially when catered to their narcissism, shit the Bieber, Selena Gomez and all these other broken rich kids are flocking to, they feel like their vapidness is for a higher purpose or whatever….

I assume they don’t have the mental capacity to really grasp it, plus this Baldwin’s dad is some religious bullshit, thanks to alcohol and drug recovery….meaning she was raised with the church that caters to garbage people..

So seeing her ass for some random market ELLE magazine is funny to me, does she really think she’s doing art, or helping the world, and not just trying so fucking hard to be a hot chick people throw money at like a stripper but on a bigger stage.

It’s crazy. But as a Christian all she does is for Christ and he will forgive her of her sins because that’s what he does apparently…

Here are her tits at an event
Hailey Baldwin Tits in a Black Low Cut Shirt at an Event

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