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Sara Jean Underwood Naked BTS of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood, has a ton of followers on social media….

I am sure it is in part due to her creative campaign and adventure shoots she does that I think are pretty epic, even if they are a little cheesy, like “Look at this National Park” or “Amazing Worldly Thing” with her sprawled out in front of it….but it works…and should get her brand deals, instead she just gets naked for her fans who pay her monthly fee…and probably makes more money like that, has a loyal community, doesn’t need to rely on some magazine or Playboy, is her own boss..

Her celebrity is based on creepers, and is in part thanks to doing the whole Playboy thing that got her a lot of hype when she was young…. coupled with being hot…even if she was much hotter back in the playboy days…before her bolt on Seacrest purchased tits, because there was a time America’s Sweetheard Ryan Seacrest was banging her….and got her into hosting, basically doing the OLIVIA MUNN job after OLIVIA MUNN felt she was ready to be an actress….so the nerds are pretty loyal to the women who manipulate them…

I just think she should be getting paid as well as all these fake instagram bloggers, because she’s less slutty, as naked, and has actual celebrity…but whatever…the internet is a very weird and stupid place…but not as stupid as these bolt on titties.

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