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Sara Jean Underwood Spreads her Legs of the Day

Sara Sara Jean Underwood Spreads her Legs Panty FlashJean Underwood Ass Flash

Sara Underwood has over 3000 patrons on her Patreonso she must be doing something right over there.

I feel badly for Sara Underwood because she’s had sex with Ryan Seacrest the coked up ass loving weirdo who probably looks at old pics of Dick Clark to cum, or maybe he just props up a mirror so he can look at his queer self…

I also feel badly for her because she does amazing content and is forced to sell herself to her fans, because brands don’t throw big budgets at her, when clearly she’s out there living a great life, doing great things, like spreading her legs, and has an engaged audience of people paying extra to see more of her, when most of these instagram whores aren’t interesting, fun, doing cool shit, or have real fans that would give them money cuz they are interchangeable…while this one is a fucking legend…and I am not saying that cuz I’ve seen her pussy.

Sara Jean Underwood Ass FlashSara Jean Underwood Titty Flash


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Sara Jean Underwood Naked BTS of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood, has a ton of followers on social media….

I am sure it is in part due to her creative campaign and adventure shoots she does that I think are pretty epic, even if they are a little cheesy, like “Look at this National Park” or “Amazing Worldly Thing” with her sprawled out in front of it….but it works…and should get her brand deals, instead she just gets naked for her fans who pay her monthly fee…and probably makes more money like that, has a loyal community, doesn’t need to rely on some magazine or Playboy, is her own boss..

Her celebrity is based on creepers, and is in part thanks to doing the whole Playboy thing that got her a lot of hype when she was young…. coupled with being hot…even if she was much hotter back in the playboy days…before her bolt on Seacrest purchased tits, because there was a time America’s Sweetheard Ryan Seacrest was banging her….and got her into hosting, basically doing the OLIVIA MUNN job after OLIVIA MUNN felt she was ready to be an actress….so the nerds are pretty loyal to the women who manipulate them…

I just think she should be getting paid as well as all these fake instagram bloggers, because she’s less slutty, as naked, and has actual celebrity…but whatever…the internet is a very weird and stupid place…but not as stupid as these bolt on titties.

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Sara Jean Underwood is Hot and Oiled Up of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood gets the short end of the stick, and I am not talking about Ryan Seacrest’s dick, back when he bought her tits and got her into TV hosting like she was Olivia Munn, only instead of going on the a thirsty attention seeking film career like Olivia Munn, she faded away back in Oregon where she came back harder than ever on her instagram with constant daily amazing pics in amazing places because despite her unnatural tits she likes being naked in nature…and it makes for some epic hikes, epic adventures, some VAN LIFE good times, all filled with nudity…and I’m a huge fan…despite her being in her mid 30s…

But despite all her following, she doesn’t get any of the brand deals all these other whores get, who don’t do nearly as much great content as she does….

So she’s forced to Patreon like I have been forced to patreon – (SUPPORT ME ON PATREON HELP ME MAKE THIS SITE BETTER CLICK HERE ) only I assume she gets followers…

Her feed is magical…her following huge…her celebrity there…but always a playboy chick…

While Kim Kardashian literally as a porno tape with a porno company and bitch is in VOGUE…being a fat vapid cunt…

The world is UNFAIR.

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Sara Jean Underwood Titty Dance of the Day

There’s nothing like a naked model turned TV star that was never actually a TV star, but rather a TV host replacing Olivia Munn when she went off to get famous in hollywood, something that to this day amazes me, fighting fading into obscurity as she gets older as older, I think she’s pushing 35, but figuring out social media and curating travel and lifestyle images that are SFW slutty, but in amazing landscape, creating it’s own brand of Americana….with Tits that the American dream Ryan Seacrest bought….

This is her titty dance, with nature…classy….but I may just like it knowing I can google pics of her pussy…

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Sara Jean Underwood’s Bikini Pics on Twitter of the Day

Sara Jean Underwood is fantastic….Not because she’s banged Ryan Seacrest. Not because she’s pretended to be into guy stuff like drinking beer, sports and videogames…..Not because she’s made the move from getting naked for monney to getting a bikini for money…..Sara Jean Underwood is fantastic cuz she made the move from not getting naked to getting naked when she was 18 and it mattered to be the naked hot chick….you see cuz no matter what she does in life, I can always CROSS REFERENCE HER VAGINA PICS AND NUDE MODELING …..making her an eternal slut….something I’m into…poor decisions at a young age….the follow a bitch for life….even when those poor decisions are the basis of her entire existance and career!!

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