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Barbara Palvin Slutty Instagram of the Day

Barbara Palvin SLutty Instagram

Barbara Palvin is back on the scene, after falling off and getting fat.

I guess these things happen to 18 year olds from Hungary who come into a lot of Victoria’s Secret money…allowing her to eat for the first time in her life…you know buy all the treats she always wanted to eat but that her family couldn’t afford because they were Hungarian from Hungary….

She got to dive into all the luxuries of life…like heating, and running water, and she went off the fucking rails…

Pizza everyday, every meal, fuck yes…

Only to get fired by VS, because I assume she’s fired from VS, told to shape up, and shape up is what she did…

She also decided to post up half naked, slutty photoshoot pics, cuz she’s back to work, half naked is where the money is at…and half naked is what she is doing.

Finally, the big girl is far more interesting…here is the proof.

Barbara Palvin SLutty Instagram

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