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January Jones Booty Shorts of the Day

January Jones Booty Shorts

When you’re a single mother, because your baby daddy wants nothing to do with you, but likely sends her monthly checks…you do what you can to make ends meet, including but not limited to giving us glimpses of how she got a career in the first place…exhibitionism in a playful way so it seems less desperate and whorish while it is still desperate and whorish….

Obviously, she is pandering to some group of virgin loser tit lover, and I guess ass lover, in a low level way that people pretend isn’t low level thanks to her being on TV, making her high level by default…she’s got that TV stamp of approval…..unlike all the other girls who wear shorts like this who are like 20 years old and we want to see dressed like this…

We all know that dicks were sucked to get to this point in her career…we also know she’s 40, living single mother being a stereotype ass out…for male attention..and you probably find it hot…

January Jones Booty Shorts

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