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Aubrey O’Day Fake Ass of the Day

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Ass and Tits

The only offensive thing about Aubrey O’Day and her bottom feeder from a decade ago – back to bottom feeding approach to life – is that she isn’t doing it through a sex tape…

She’s got massive amounts of surgeries and face injections, making her look like some kind of sex toy or cartoon character you weirdos jerk off to, because I know there are people out there jerking off to cartoon characters, and it’s almost funny, almost said, totally irrelevant….but should be presented in the form of a sex tape..

I guess this pig needs some attention….but at least she doesn’t look as piggish as she did when she was at her fattest, she found fitness and sucking the fat out of her to pump back into her ass, and has really committed to that.

I guess there doesn’t come an age when a woman because less shamecuz her hustle isn’t working out as well as she thought and this is the only way she knows how to do it….I’m ready for the sex tape….but I guess sex tapes don’t happen anymore, these low levels just get patreon.

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