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Tinashe Short Shorts of the Day

Tinashe Ass in Short Shorts

We still don’t know who Tinashe is.

I just know she’s drunk and doing some sort of dance in what are either short shorts or little boy style underwear…

Let’s hope it’s little shorts…..

Because little boy underwear, like the superhero underwear with the Y seam is something I hate seeing women wear, and women do where them, and I know a dude who fucking loved when women did and would make his girlfriend’s wear them, while regular dudes are buying crotchless panties, this motherfucker would be a K-Mart buying a 6 pack of superhero underwear in size large….

Why would a dude want his girl to remind him of little boys, that’s creepy, I’m not psychologist, but clearly dude had a scout leader, or a school bus driver, or an elementary school teacher, or a little league coach, or a priest, or a Mall Santa, or a Disney Staffer in his life that showed him the ropes, or maybe that’s what his hopes and dreams and aspirations are….because I think men who dress their women up like little boys…likely are what you’d expect them to be….

That said…Tinashe is a singer who was dating a Basketball player who left her Kendall Jenner allowing her to exist…and now she’s looking like a good time for the Paparazzi like she should…

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