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Bella Hadid Thirst Trap of the Day

Bella Hadid Thirst Trap Bikini

Bella Hadid loves attention. Probably because she was the ugly sister growing up, and now is seen as the hot sister everyone is into….an it girl or whatever…

But what the world needs less of is Bella Hadid…and really all girls like Bella Hadid…not the hottest girls, packaged as hot, relevant, all because they are rich….

The girl had her career bought for her thanks to having a rich narcissistic dad who wants his daughters to be seen as hot models that the world celebrates…it gets him more access to the low level models who want to be top models like his daughters and makes them willing to fuck him to get closer to them…

She rode her sister’s coattails and together they thought “this is easy”….all well being the best promotional tool for their dad’s model fetish…I’ve said it before but the best sugar baby site is having your two daughters famous as models….EVEN though they are rat faced and undeserving of it according to me…which is not the ultimate decision maker…

I am not a fan of rich people buying their career to get ahead. I find it obnoxious. I am fine with them being naked and attention seeking… I just don’t think the non-deserving should get a head when there are so many hotter and better whores with better attitudes who don’t just expect it cuz their sister had it.

I like hard work…but I guess hard attention seeking is hard work in and of it’s own right….

Look at the tits…that’s what I’m here for…that face…that has to go.

Bella Hadid Thirst Trap Wet Red Thong Bikini


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