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Bella Thorne Nip Slip and Ass Slap of the Day

Bella Thorne did a titty dance for her social media – where there is visible nipple if you have the ability to spot a ginger’s nipple…since it is pretty translucent…..it is there though….but the translucency is why instagram didn’t delete her profile for using their platform as some kind of smut peddler, but instead kept her on board because she’s one of the most popular accounts on the thing, paving a way for herself as a media empire of her own, with a record label, a brand, and shitty fucking content that she keeps putting out there….or maybe they are selective in who they delete..GIVE US OUR @step_GIRLS account back you assholes…

I find her annoying, trans-like, useless….I hate her content, except when nudity or half nudity is involved…cuz she has big tits….and I like big tits / all tits….I feel like this is all part of a master trolling…which in and of itself..annoys me…that the “authentic” “real” version of her is some fucking bullshit crafted in an office by marketing people who understand how to brain wash the kids. I hate her colorful raver shit…I just find the whole thing garbage…but I’m not her target demographic, I’m old enough to be her great-grandfather, at least based on the florida trash cycle of kids at 16….great grandpa by 48….

Here she is getting her ass slapped


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